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mardi 27 août 2013




La Revue d’Aptitude au Lancement (RAL) s’est déroulée le mardi 27 août à Kourou et a autorisé les opérations de chronologie pour le Vol Ariane 5 ECA avec EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1 et GSAT-7.

Pour son quatrième lancement Ariane 5 de l’année, Arianespace mettra en orbite deux satellites de télécommunications EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1 pour l’opérateur qatari Es’hailSat et l’opérateur européen Eutelsat et GSAT-7 pour l’ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).

Le choix d’Arianespace par de grands opérateurs et constructeurs du secteur des télécommunications spatiales illustre la reconnaissance internationale d’un service de lancement de qualité. Par sa fiabilité et sa disponibilité, Arianespace reste le système de lancement de référence mondiale.

Le lancement sera effectué depuis l'Ensemble de Lancement Ariane n° 3 (ELA 3) à Kourou en Guyane française.

 Le décollage du lanceur Ariane 5 ECA est prévu le plus tôt possible dans la fenêtre de lancement suivante :

> KOUROU : de 17h30 à 18h20, le 29 août 2013

> GMT : de 20h30 à 21h20, le 29 août 2013

> PARIS : de 22h30 à 23h20, le 29 août 2013

> WASHINTON : de 16h30 à 17h20, le 29 août 2013

Pour suivre l’événement en direct sur Internet et en haut débit, connectez vous sur le site www.arianespace.com <http://www.arianespace.com/> (commentaires depuis Kourou en français et en anglais à partir de H-15 mn). Le site Arianespace dispose désormais d'une plate-forme d'hébergement mondiale. Suivez également le lancement en direct sur iPad et iPhone (l’application Arianespace est téléchargeable gratuitement sur iTune).




THE LAUNCH READINESS REVIEW (RAL) took place in Kourou on Tuesday August 27, 2013 and authorized count-down operations for the EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1 & GSAT-7 launch.
Arianespace will orbit two telecommunications satellites on its fourth Ariane 5 launch of the year: Eutelsat 25B/Es’hail 1 for the Qatari and European operators, Es’hailSat and Eutelsat, and GSAT-7 for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The choice of Arianespace by leading space communications operators and manufacturers is clear international recognition of the company’s excellence in launch services.

It will be launched from the Ariane launch complex N° 3 (ELA3), in Kourou, French Guiana.

 THE ARIANE 5 ECA LAUNCHER LIFT-OFF for this flight is scheduled on August 29 to 30, 2013 as soon as possible within the following launch window:

> KOUROU: Between 05:30pm and 06:20pm on August 29, 2013

> TU: Between 08:30pm and 09:20pm on August 29, 2013

> PARIS: Between 10:30pm and 11:20pm on August 29, 2013

> WASHINTON: Between 04:30pm and 05:20pm on August 29, 2013

Our website www.arianespace.com <http://www.arianespace.com/> has upgraded to high-speed transmission and a full-screen format to make it easier for you to follow the company’s activities and to enjoy future launch webcasts. You can also watch the video transmission live on your iPad or  iPhone, the Arianespace App is available on iTune and it’s free.


Source directe :  ARIANE ESPACE
Contact  :   f6agv (AT) free.fr

ARISS le 30 août en HOLLANDE

Friday August 30, ARISS contact scheduled with youth group in the Netherlands – Downlink audible in Europe

An International Space Station educational contact is scheduled Friday August 30, 2013 with participants of Amicale Space Camp organized by Sterrenlab for children of the European Patent Office/NL, Leiden, The Netherlands.

The event is to begin at approximately 12:11:43 UTC , which is 14:12 CEST.

This will be a direct contact operated by PA3GUO.
Interested parties are invited to listen to the downlink signal on 145.800MHz FM.


Sterrenlab is a small company in the field of science communication and education, specialized in the organization of international science and space camps for children and teenagers.The European Patent Office is a European organization with several sites in Europe.

The conversation with astronaut Christopher J. Cassidy KF5KDR will be conducted in English. Participants will ask as many of following questions as time allows:

1. Niels(13): Where do you come from?
2. Tom(9): Do you think aliens exist?
3. Mateo(8): Can you see the Netherlands from the Space Station? And your house?
4. Sophie(9): Do you have animals on board the International Space Station?
5. Marie France(9): Are you homesick?
6. Servane(11): Do you have children?
7. Louanne(9): Did you participate to survival camps during your astronaut training?
8. Quentin(11): Would you prefer going to the Moon, to Mars or to an asteroid?
9. Esther(10): What languages do you speak?
10. CamillE(10): What was your favorite subject at school?
11. Maria Joao(13): Do you think the space agencies will soon detect an exoplanet with alien forms of life?
12. Fernanda(12): Do you have chocolate on the Space Station?
13. Miriam Alexia(12): Did you have many friends when you were a child?
14. Adelie(9): How is called the rocket you flew with?
15. Nicholas(11): Do you ever have issues with your crew mates?
16. Christophe(12): If you would meet an alien, what would you tell him?
17. Francois(10): When are you coming back to Earth?
18. Nico(12): What’s your favorite sport?

ARISS is an international educational outreach program partnering the participating space agencies, NASA, Russian Space Agency, ESA, CNES, JAXA, and CSA, with the AMSAT and IARU organizations from participating countries.

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking directly with crewmembers onboard the International Space Station. Teachers, parents and communities see, first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can energize youngsters' interest in science, technology and learning.


Gaston Bertels – ON4WF
ARISS-Europe chairman

Source :  ARISS
Contact  :  f6agv (AT) free.fr